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This page is about how we are using virtual entertainment to bring the live fun casino experience to your home or place of work. To enable us to do this, we are using Zoom,  the current leader in modern enterprise video communications.

Life is changing very quickly, but our basic needs are still the same. We need food, we need shelter, and we need things such as entertainment which help our mental health. People are looking for ways to forget about the gloom surrounding us and laugh with loved ones! It’s just that the methods are changing.

No-Money Casino nights

We have developed a virtual entertainment experience. Our motto is ‘Fellowship is always greater than the prize’, and this is reflected in our family fun casino night. What we have managed to do is take all the fun, positive aspects of a casino night experience and remove the negative aspects such as losing your hard-earned money or the pressure that comes with playing with money.

It means you can play with friends, family members or new people from the comfort of your own home without the fear of anyone losing any money.

You can learn the games, even as a beginner, without feeling judged. We run 10-minute tutorials before we start playing, and we encourage everyone to ask questions throughout the night. You can learn how to play optimally from our expert croupiers.

Social distancing

You will have loads of fun without the anxiety we are currently experiencing from social distancing. You can enjoy our virtual fun casino entertainment, knowing you won’t have to spend loads of money and time travelling home afterwards.

We don’t mute anyone, and our feedback shows that you feel like you’re in the same room with everyone when you start playing. There’s a lot of virtual high fives and rooting for everyone during our virtual entertainment. It’s a real ‘live in the present’ experience that needs to be seen to be believed.

We make the night more fun by having a chip count at the end and declaring a winner. The focus, however, is that fellowship is always greater than the prize.

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