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Building your business by defining your why

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Why is building your business by defining your why crucial to your journey? It’s the tool that will build resilience and keep you grounded.

Our Nomadic Fun Casino Hire focuses on play-money casino games for entertainment, team-building, and bonding experiences. We are not against gambling but are our clients’ choice for learn-and-play casino games without the risks and fears of losing money. We are the haven where you can have genuinely family-friendly casino games!

Building-your-business-by defining-your-why

Building your business by defining your why

The money vs no-money game experience

We don’t believe people won’t gamble just because we say so. BUT a Fun Casino experience, with the actual games but play-money, can change your expectations should you ever decide to visit a casino. You can have a positive casino experience at a Fun Casino night with all the upsides and none of the downsides of gambling for money! When I personally first visited a casino, it was fun and felt like home. I loved the games and meeting all the people. And I loved the gambling, of course! But unfortunately, I didn’t yet have the wisdom to understand that the odds were always in the casino’s favour.

The atmosphere was exciting, but it was a recipe for disaster. I spent too much time playing and lost more money than I could afford. I later worked in the casino/poker industry and did for many years. My experience showed me that the atmosphere attracts you and makes you live in the moment.

Why do we exist?

It’s one of the most exciting experiences you can have. However, there are some problems: Guests’ expectations are high, and they are usually unaware of how badly the odds of winning are stacked against them.

Some people can get addicted, and when they are encouraged to stop, they are already chasing their losses and can’t. The casino excludes you when you run out of money, and some people start playing with money they can’t afford to lose. It’s for these reasons that Nomadic Fun Casino Hire exists. We want you to come in, enjoy your night, and leave with positive experiences. You get all the fun without any of the ‘darker’ sides of gambling. The games thrill and entertain you while you bond and learn with your guests. And our croupiers will teach you how to play and compete in a safe environment.


Understanding how to build your business while defining your ‘Why?’ is very often crucial in our world. For example, we get many enquiries asking us to host big money games. Naturally, it’s a temptation, as our structure is very similar (without the money, of course!). However, we quickly turn down these offers because we understand the liabilities of high-stakes money games. And we will NEVER play any part in ruining anyone’s life. The perfect client for us wants to have fun gambling with play money or wagering prizes to keep their guests interested and entertained. A play-money fun casino is not a service for those who want to experience the thrill of extreme gambling for real money and break the bank.


Thank you for taking a few minutes to read our blog. I look forward to reading your comments. Fellowship is always greater than the prize.







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