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COVID 19: Finding peace in the storm

Working from home


We’re currently going through the ‘delay’ phase of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in London and we have all been instructed to stay at home. It effectively means that if you are not a key or essential worker, you need to stay in your house to reduce the chances of catching or spreading the virus. READ MORE

How to scale a small business

The beginning

Nomadic Fun Casino Hire started out as a one man band. I would hire one or two extra dealers, hire a van, deliver tables and entertain guests. After the event, I would put the equipment back into the van, drop them at home and return the van. Job done! READ MORE

Chicken today, Feathers tomorrow

They say old habits die hard. Many years ago, I used to be a ‘chicken today, feathers tomorrow’ type of poker player. Money just seemed to burn holes in my pocket. I was either doing well or broke, period.
Thankfully, we are older and much wiser (?) now. READ MORE

Talent is not enough

Talent is not enough

If I had to give young people what I believe is the secret ingredient to growth in a small business, my focus would probably not be limited to talent. READ MORE

Learning how never to be ‘the victim’.

The Windrush generation

As a young man, my parents would often say ‘remember the child of who you are’. This was often repeated if they felt you were mixing with dodgy friends or losing your focus at school. Their other regular speech was ‘a good reputation is worth more than silver or gold.’ They were extremely hardworking and they put all their efforts into making sure their children had the best education available to them. READ MORE

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