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Charity Casino Nights

A Charity Casino night in London is a creative way of getting guests in the right mode at a fundraiser. People love to dress up, so you can pick a theme that suits your purpose. We will help to schedule the casino night to accommodate raffle draws, silent auctions and various speakers on the night.

Nomadic Fun Casino Hire has had the honour and privilege of being part of some important charity casino events in London. Our experience includes hosting black-tie fundraiser events for charity organisations, football teams, rugby clubs, and big corporate companies.


Hiring a Fun Casino company for a charity casino night in London can be tricky as it’s often not easy to define or decide on exactly what you need.  As a result, you need a fun casino hire that understands how a charity casino night in London works.  At Nomadic Fun Casino Hire, we listen to your story and help you make good decisions. We take note of your vision and give our professional advice.


Hiring for a charity casino night requires a different skill set.

We provide experienced, friendly, patient croupiers who can make guests feel at ease, entertain everyone and teach them how to play. Our croupiers are skilled at encouraging visitors to donate to a good cause. For a charity casino poker night, we will provide dealers who understand how to structure a tournament, teach people how to play and keep everyone entertained.

Nomadic Fun Casino Hire will advise you on picking the service you need from a fun casino hire in London at our 1-2-1 session.


Our focus on delivering a fun casino hire in London is to be extremely transparent in our offering. Every event can be stressful at the best of times; not being clear on what is being offered can add an extra layer to the problem. We help you to understand what a charity casino event in London should look and feel like.

We are available to you right from the moment you consult us all the way through till after your event. You can feel free to email or chat with us about your needs. There’s always a happy and listening ear at Nomadic Fun Casino Hire looking forward to building your dream event.

We’ll give our honest opinion and guidance. We also aim to be totally transparent about the service we will be providing for you.


In this paragraph, I’ll show you what we offer.  Firstly, we will always give our honest opinion and guidance. Secondly, we aim to be totally transparent about the service we will be providing for you.

Thirdly, we will provide a fun service provided by professionals. Fellowship, relationship and trust are at the top of our list.

The idea is to give our client one less thing to worry about once we have been hired.


Our motto is ‘Fellowship is always greater than the prize’; therefore, we aim to make everyone individually feel special. For this reason, all our staff are very hospitable, fun-loving and respectful. We aim to make you look forward to the next event even before you leave the building. We want you to feel like royalty! That sounds like a great boast, but it is our policy.

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