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Fundraising – How we can help your charity

This page is about how you can use a charity casino night hire as your vehicle to raise funds for your worthy cause.

Fundraising for a charity is challenging at the best of times. However, to reach our goals, we have to develop fun ideas that engage guests and sponsors.

We create the buzz, the wow factor and the inherent fun factor that naturally brings out the best in people. As a result, guests are happier to give when having fun, being treated like royalty and living in the moment.

Let’s start with the hard truth. Casino games are designed for the casino to win. All the games have the odds slightly favouring the casino, so it’s beneficial to use casino games to fundraise. The casino’s priority is to keep people playing.

Your profit margin is even higher than the casinos because your guests are playing to win donated prizes rather than money. So let us show you how to have fun learning casino games while contributing to a worthy cause.

Our Purpose

The Nomadic Fun Casino Hire purpose is to create a fun interactive charity casino night that will enable you to raise funds effectively. To allow us to do this, we supply high-end casino equipment and friendly professional croupiers to give you an authentic experience.

Our focus is on trust, transparency and preparation.

Fun Money

We create custom made fun money for your charity casino night. Therefore this becomes the currency of the day.

There is no money changing hands between the croupiers and the guests during or after charity nights. Instead, the hosts exchange donations for fun money. As a result, the guests can enjoy playing casino games with freedom while living in the moment and having fun. Thus, it becomes all about prizes. But, of course, the better the rewards, the more guests try to win them.

For every donation made, guests receive more fun money to win the prizes allocated for the event.

If the guests run out of fun money, they can donate more, knowing they support a good cause.

No knowledge of casino games is necessary. The friendly and experienced staff will happily teach guests how to play all the fun and make them feel at ease.


Local and big businesses enjoy a well-run fundraising casino charity event. It is an excellent way to gain exposure, publicity and credibility while supporting a worthy cause.

The Fun money and props will have sponsors’ logos, which will benefit the charity and the sponsor.

Contact us

If you would like to learn more about how we can enhance your fundraising night, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We are a very experienced team who are happy to help you create a fun, memorable night. Fellowship is always greater than the prize.

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