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What do you do?

‘What do you do?’ asked our business coach. It’s probably the most common question in the UK. My normal answer would be ‘I run my own fun casino hire company’. There would a little curious look and the conversation would move on to the weather.

I generally miss this good opportunity to sell. For instance, I often talk about a casino table hire service because prices are based on the number of tables hired, but this is not the whole story. Anyone with a little knowledge of casino games and access to casino equipment can provide a table hire service.

We discussed this with our business coach and we managed to break it down. We looked at our USP (unique selling proposition) and our Google customer review page carefully and came up with the following description.

Nomadic Fun Casino Hire is a family entertainment company that creates fun engaging events by playing casino games.  Above all, this is consistent with the Nomadic Fun Casino Hire slogan, ‘Fellowship is always greater than the prize’.  This sounds much more professional than our earlier description and is an accurate assessment of what we do.

Thank you for taking a few minutes to read my blog. Please feel free to look at our website and check out the services we provide. We look forward to meeting you at one of our events soon.



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