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The world we live in.

I casually mentioned to a friend as I took my seat after making my way back from the loo that someone should tell the staff to put the ‘wet floor’ sign on the lobby floor before someone got hurt. This was many years ago and we were waiting to take our seats in a low stakes Texas hold-em cash game. A few minutes later, there was a lot of commotion in the casino as we heard stories of how someone had slipped and hurt themselves in the lobby area.

I looked around to tell my ‘friend’ what had happened but he seemed to have gone about his business. Later on, I heard it was him who had slipped and had hurt his back. He confirmed years later that he received £15k for hurting his back. He obviously couldn’t remember me mentioning the wet floor and I had to accept his story.

It was probably my first experience of seeing how quickly hustlers can jump at the opportunity to make money. Even though I can’t be sure, I still believe he heard me and might have taken advantage of the situation.

I was reminded of this story the other day as a drunk man and his friend started messing around trying to lift my roulette wheel when we were loading the van. He looked slightly offended when I stopped him, he claimed they were only trying to have fun and meant no harm.

Its a shame this is the world we live in today as it makes us all paranoid. These days, we have insurance for everything and every minor infringement is met with ‘hope you’ve got insurance’. I hope laws are put in place to change the way things work at the moment as it makes us look at each other with suspicion for little things.

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