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The risk factor

My first experience in a Casino was 23 years ago. My good friend took me there because he had discovered a ‘system’ on how to beat the roulette wheel. I was a student and had saved up enough money to buy a car, a BMW (my dream car). I didn’t have enough money to pay for the insurance and he had a ‘foolproof’ system that would make me my insurance money.

The next day, I ended up buying an old Skoda with what I had left, this was definitely not part of the plan. We ended up naming the car Christine (remember the horror story about a car with a mind of its own). It managed to break down every time it had the opportunity to embarrass me.

I learnt some very harsh interesting lessons from my experience years ago. The most important one was that I was probably never going to win enough to be contented, but I could always lose enough to be upset. I also learnt that Casino games are loads of fun. It’s the losing money aspect that kills the fun.

I’m hoping you will enable us to bring our fun casino experience to you. This is where you play with fun money in a setting just like a casino without the risk of losing money. We have very experienced poker dealers and casino croupiers who will guarantee that you have the most amazing experience.

I am looking forward to seeing you across the felt very soon


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