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The importance of keeping records.

We have spent a lot of time putting the records of the Nomadic Fun Casino Hire business over the last four years into excel sheets. The only thing we currently haven’t got down to a ‘T’ right now is time spent doing admin work. I seriously doubt we can do this, but we can estimate and keep accurate records going forward.

The results are quite shocking. There are areas where I thought were profitable that are losing money and areas I thought were a waste of resources that are actually moving us forward. There are obviously some investments that are hard to quantify but these are issues for another day.
We’ve also managed to put together our Nomadic inventory management system. It’s exciting because we can track everything that goes out and what comes back. It’s going to be extremely useful as we grow. I seem to have picked up this habit of buying roulette chips regularly. Everything is documented now, so I don’t have to guess that we need extra colours when we definitely don’t!
The key thing is, the data is available. Even if future decisions are right or wrong, We’ve got accurate figures to help us make decisions.
We’re looking forward to going through our findings so we can monitor the progress of the business and prepare better financial statements for our accountant. It’s probably one of the most useful things we have done with our time during this quiet period.
We trust that you are staying well and safe. We look forward to catching up with you at one of our events very soon.
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