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The gentle looking degenerate.

I’ll never forget the first time I saw him, all greasy haired, threadbare jumper and shoes with soles looking like a Bobby Brown haircut in the 90’s. He was the most skilful bandit player (this was what we called fruit machine players) I had ever met. We became travelling buddies very quickly. We were headed in the same direction – nowhere.

In those days we made loads of money from playing fruit machines but kept very little. For him, the money ended up on all sorts. For me, it was mostly roulette and blackjack. Years earlier during my years as a student, the university tabloid had referred to me as the ‘gentle looking degenerate’. I was so proud of this tag until I looked up the meaning. At the time it said ‘one who has to lose’. That tag would have suited him like a glove.  I was at a crossroads and chose to take the long walk back to looking for a job, finding a wife, losing contact with some of my old travelling buddies and retraining myself. Luckily, I’ve found many helpful friends along the way.

This story could describe so many people I knew during this period. It could also describe many situations we deal with everyday. It could have been alcohol, gluttony, extremism and many other stories that scare us everyday.

The truth is, most of these vices are not dangerous in themselves but they can lead to addiction and compulsion with the wrong mindset. There is nothing wrong with appreciating nice food but gluttony is dangerous. A glass of wine is healthy but turning into an alcoholic ruins lives. Too much of anything is bad for us.

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