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The Cautious Gambler.

The Cautious gambler

The cautious gambler was known in the gaming world as a nit, a rock, granite and extremely careful. Everything about him was neat. He looked and acted like an accountant. He made his own sandwiches from home and refused out of principle to pay for tea anywhere. The shocking aspect of his life was that he played poker for a living. He was decent and kept his records immaculately.

I often spoke to him at the tables because he was very knowledgable about the mathematics of poker at a time when you couldn’t find books. His favourite topic (obviously) was bankroll management. Bankroll management is where you play at safe limits that don’t expose you to excessive losses. He played the lowest stakes and constantly talked about building his bankroll.

A life devoid of risks

Many years later, I went back to Leeds and caught up with him. He was still playing at the same stakes, living in a bedsit down the road and crushing (one of his favourite words which means winning) the low stakes. The problem was that he was now grey, in his late forties, lonely with minimal prospects. I felt for him as we talked. He had shown a profit for 18 out of 20 years but had nothing to show for it. His mistake was aiming too low and succeeding for too long. The everyday costs of living had naturally swallowed all his profits over the years. The cautious gambler’s nature couldn’t go up in stakes because he knew exactly how much was needed to move up. His knowledge had become his prison.

I can truly identify with his story; I have sometimes stayed in dead-end jobs to avoid unemployment and adopted the ‘half is better than none’ approach. These days, my focus is to go all out for whatever I want and either make it succeed or wrap it up. The idea is to treat our experiences as a classroom rather than a prison. I’ll learn from all my experiences and use them to improve rather than settle in a prison of the mind and die slowly.

Our journey

We started the Nomadic Fun Hire Casino business to make it the best out there. It will take a lot of work, but this won’t be a problem as we are committed to our journey.

I hope you are enjoying our little casino stories. I also hope you can identify with some of them in your everyday world. Please, share your thoughts with us. It would be awesome to hear from you.

Please take a look at https://www.nomadic-events.co.uk/contact. We are looking forward to meeting you across the felt very soon.



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