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Odds and balance

When the lottery commercial said ‘It could be you !’, all I heard was, ‘it will be me !’. This was in 1994 when the National lottery was the new dream in London. I would religiously buy my ticket(s) and station myself in front of the TV at five minutes to eight every Saturday evening.  I didn’t want to miss any second of them calling out my numbers, I wanted the full experience. We created syndicates, allocated money in advance if a holiday was due and dreamt about winning all the time.

These days, I hardly ever play the lottery. On the odd occasion when the lure of the lottery temptress wins, the consolation is that this is my little contribution to supporting our athletes who are one of the beneficiaries of the UK lottery. I also see it like it should be, a little harmless fun that could turn into a miracle win.

So what changed for me? We all heard from the beginning that the odds of winning the UK lottery were about 14 million to one, it was also obvious that it was costing a fair few bob every week. The biggest factor was the disappointment afterwards, the gutted feeling after realising that my lottery tickets were almost always losers after every show.
It’s the same way I feel about most casino games and most other aspects of life where the odds are stacked badly against you. I’ll enjoy them when I’m involved but lose no sleep over the results.

As we get older, we hope wisdom brings a more balanced view. I’ll work hard to make my marriage, my business, living life to the max and having better relationships with those in my circle of influence priority. If the odds of achieving those goals are astronomical, at these I can smile knowing we often find satisfaction in choosing the battles we believe are worth fighting for


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