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Nomadic’s best laid plans

Our plan

Growth was my focus as we moved into 2020. It had been three years of learning how to survive and thrive. Nomadic Fun Casino Hire had weathered all the storms that every new business has to go through. We were ready, then this …….

Life’s plans

Covid-19 hit us all like a hurricane. The horror show from Wuhan, China was on the News every day. We watched as the crash happened, by the first week of March, the signs were really bad. There was nothing in the system that could contain this new virus so it naturally spread and caused the death of thousands of people in Europe.

Due to the circumstances, Boris Johnson announced on the 23rd of March that the UK was officially going into lockdown. This means that we were now in the delay phase of Covid-19. We were advised to stay at home to delay the spread of the virus and to reduce the chances of us contracting it.

Everyone except NHS staff and essential workers went into total lockdown. The Government’s measures to slow down the virus meant that all events had to be cancelled and naturally crippled the hospitality industry.

Life and change

Everything was moving too fast so I decided to be proactive and hire a business coach, he likes to refer to himself as a Sherpa  (A sherpa originally means someone from the tribe in Nepal whose job is to provide a humane and courageous guide to mountain climbers).

He has definitely been very helpful during this lockdown. Growth is still the number one focus on my mind as we navigate through this season. The difference is that the focus is now more on me than the business.

Next week, I’ll be sharing my experiences with you. Naturally, I’ve had to abandon my business plans and start making short term plans instead.  Please do stay safe and well. We look forward to catching up with you next week.



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