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Talent is not enough

Talent is not enough

Fun Casino Hire London

If I had to give young people what I believe is the secret ingredient to growth in a small business, my focus would probably not be limited to talent.

One of my favourite quotes is “knowing what we should be doing and actually doing it are two very different things.”― Herminia Ibarra, Act Like a Leader, Think Like a Leader.

Happy new year everyone

I’ll use this paragraph to wish everyone a happy new year. Thank you for taking a few minutes to read my blog. My hope for you is that this year will bring us growth, grace and favour beyond our wildest dreams. I sincerely hope we can all learn from each other. This year, I’ll be trying to update my blog weekly.


Talent in this context focuses on natural talent and skill. I can’t truly focus on whether talent was born or made, I suspect it’s a combination of both. Your chances of becoming an athlete might be enhanced by the fact that your body structure might be athletic to start with.

We need talent but we often don’t pay enough attention to work ethic, discipline and habit.

I was often told that success would come easily to us when we started our fun casino because we had a very small friendly, people-oriented team. Time is teaching me that those talents are obviously required but not enough.

Work ethic and developing new skills

Developing a teachable attitude has become the top of my priority list for myself. It’s really hard to grow if we are not willing to embrace new perspectives

Life is teaching me everyday that the habits you develop are as important as the talents we rely on everyday. I would pick a happy, teachable and reliable average croupier over a knowledgeable croupier with a bad attitude.

These days, we spend so much time learning about how to market our services. We are learning to use social media tools to reach potential customers. I have often been encouraged to outsource things that take time to learn. Experience is however teaching me that the early stage of your business is your responsibility and you can’t truly afford to have no knowledge of the things that should matter to you. It’s also risky and expensive if you’re totally in the dark about your expectations.


I read somewhere that you can’t complain about someone predicting rain if you request for the weather report. I have accepted that it will be a tough season and we are looking forward to the expected hard work. It’s not about thinking about what we should be doing, it’s all about putting things into action.

We are also looking forward to doing what we do best which is serving you at your fun casino events. Please check us out at to see the services we provide.

Looking forward to catching up with you soon.

Kind regards

Jimi Sotimehin

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How to build a Fun Casino Business in London – Part 1


Building a Fun Casino Hire business in London

The first desire of almost every Fun casino hire business owner I have met is to show profit. The easiest way to do this is to make sure the running costs do not exceed the amount you make from your venture therefore I’ll be attempting to write rules for myself to enable me show a profit from running a fun casino hire business in London.

 Keep a thorough record of your true costs

The major costs of running a fun casino event in London are often storage and maintenance of equipment, hiring or owning a van to transport tables and equipment, fuel costs, staff costs, parking, insurance and taxes.  All these need to be factored in when you are setting your prices.

Be unique

Try to find a name and a logo that stands out from others. Also, think of ways you can bring value to your customers in your own unique way.

Learn how to negotiate

Everyone wants a bargain therefore if you don’t know how to negotiate, you will often find yourself in situations where you can barely cover your costs talk less of showing a profit. Make sure any loss leaders you incur are decisions you have made. If a Fun Casino business keeps running free events to gain exposure, it’s a matter of time before the business starts losing money.

The success of most small businesses starts off being heavily influenced by your close circle of friends. People generally hire people they know and trust. If all those closest to you are always after freebies, you will have to set ground rules for yourself on how much you can accept to run an event.

Thankfully this is not a problem I am experiencing with Nomadic Fun Casino Hire. We’ve been fortunate to find friends and colleagues who encourage our business therefore our progress has come down to ‘show me your friends and I will tell you who you are’.

Growing every business takes time

There is a big temptation to go for it early. It’s a marathon and not a sprint so it’s best to focus on building your foundations carefully. Don’t let all the ‘experts’ rush you into throwing money at every advertising gimmick they have out there.

Grow your community, learn more about social media and find out how you can communicate with potential clients. Be consistent.  Don’t neglect the offline side of things too. Everyone needs some form of entertainment, the key is how much are they willing to pay for your service that can allow you to run your business profitably.

Do everything possible to keep your promises

This sounds easy but it’s not, especially when money is tight so make a habit of paying everyone on time. Build relationships with your customers and staff where there is trust. Don’t be quick to sign up to things that you might not be able to afford as these situations can easily damage your reputation.

Be Couragious

The secret ingredient to every venture is courage. Every new business will bring up some challenges and the fun casino business is no different. Decide early that you will give it your best shot and put your heart into it. If you don’t expect to battle, you will probably give up early.

I hope you find my tips useful. I am not an expert on how to build a business. My blog is just me sharing my thoughts so If there are things I have left out (I’m sure there are loads), please feel free to  leave your comments below. We can all learn from each other. Please check us out at to see the services we provide. It would be nice to hear from you.

Copyright Jimi Sotimehin. Not to be copied without permission.


How to start a fun casino hire business in London – Part 2

Starting a fun casino hire business in London

Starting a fun casino hire business sounds like a bit of fun if you love casino games and enjoy entertaining people. It is very important that you have experience working in a casino as a croupier or a dealer. This will help you to provide a professional experience to your clients. It has so many rewards such as being self employed and actually enjoying what you do. However there are a few things to factor in before taking the plunge.

Find mentors in the Fun Casino Hire industry

This is extremely important. It is a business unlike anything else and you need to be able to talk to people who have done this before you. There are so many expensive mistakes I would have avoided if I had taken the time to speak to some experienced and willing fun casino hire owners before taking the plunge.

Make sure you sort out your storage issues before you start buying equipment

I found out the hard way that storage is very expensive in London. If you’re fortunate enough to have storage facilities already, good on you. Find out first before you buy your equipment. Don’t just throw your equipment into a damp garage, it can cost you a lot of money to keep replacing your equipment.

Keep records of every penny you invest into your fun casino hire business

There are so many hidden costs when you start having events. Petrol, replacing chips regularly (yes, you will do this often as guests sometimes keep a few chips as souvenirs), creating and printing fun money, building your website etc. will be some of your overhead costs. You have to be totally honest with yourself when you start out else you won’t know if you’re making money or not.

Invest in a good website

This is very important in the Fun casino hire business. Even your referrals will want to look at your website to see what you do. It’s effectively your shop window. Please check out We hope you like what we’re doing with our website.

Invest in good equipment for your fun casino hire

This sounds obvious but it’s not that straightforward. The trick is ‘don’t buy what you won’t be able to sell’. Don’t buy other people’s junk because you are just starting out. You don’t need many roulette wheels or blackjack and roulette tables when you start your fun casino hire but you need good ones. Also, try to find equipment that is not too heavy, you might need to carry them on your own sometimes when you have events. Don’t go running around buying everything off the local Del Boy (the wheeler and dealer from Only Fools and Horses).

Insure your equipment and find out more about public liability insurance

This is very important as many hotels will not allow you to bring in your equipment if you don’t have liability insurance

Next week, we’ll be looking at how to grow your business. I sincerely hope this blog has been useful. Please check out our services at or our Facebook page ‘Nomadic Fun Casino Hire’ to see the services we provide. Please feel free to leave your comments below,  It would be nice to hear from you.

Copyright Jimi Sotimehin. Not to be copied without permission.

Wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove

Wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove in the Fun Casino business

Be wise as serpents and harmless as doves’ is a verse from Matthew 10-16.

Nomadic Fun Casino Hire will be three years old in August. The journey so far has been full of joy, hope, heartbreak, stress, you name it, I’ve probably got the t-shirt. The interesting thing is that all entrepreneurs probably share similar experiences.

We support  each other in the Fun Casino Industry

In the Fun casino industry in London, it’s highly competitive but the companies are actually quite supportive of each other. It most likely comes from the fact that we often need each other. We often share the same free lance croupiers.  We get advice from each other on how to maintain or buy equipment and we generally call each other for support. The community reached out to me when someone stole a roulette wheel from my van and sent messages around to watch out for anyone trying to sell a roulette wheel.

I’ve worked in the gaming industry for more than 20 years but this is my first time as a business owner. I’m learning everyday that business, like life is all about our value system and the decisions we make.

Do we have to be ruthless to succeed in the Fun Casino hire business?

We live in a society where we are often taught that you need to be ruthless to be successful, I often heard this as a poker player and the excuse was that it’s business , not personal. Tournament poker is highly competitive and the winner is often the last man standing. The idea of winning tournaments was to kill or be killed.

I don’t believe this concept works in life or business. I truly feel it creates depressed unfulfilled people even when you are successful in the eyes of others.  It’s that mentality that you are either the hunter or the prey. Sadly, life can sometimes feel this way with the number of people constantly trying to con us into  signing up to things we don’t need or want.

How to be wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove

My take on this is to try to be well informed about things that concern us making us wise as serpents. It’s only when you make wise informed decisions that you can afford to be fair with others and harmless as doves.

I’ll be trying to answer some questions about the Fun casino hire industry over the next few weeks.  Please feel free to browse our website to see the services we provide.  I’ll be looking forward to your comments.

Copyright Jimi Sotimehin. Not tobe copied without permission

All the gain without the pain via fun casino hire at your event!

Looking to create memories via a fun party with a difference?   Then how about creating the best party of all with a fun casino hire in London?

You choose the location

If you have never experienced a casino-type party before then you have no idea what you are missing out on.  When you hire your own casino table, everything that you need to experience the excitement of real casino is delivered to your chosen venue.  This can be your home, wedding reception, corporate office or any other suitable place.

Authentic casino tables

Your chosen casino specialists specialise in creating a whole lot of enjoyable and cool amusement for you and your guests.  By providing authentic casino tables, your hosts will also be your own personal professional croupiers, taking care of everything so that you can just sit back and have fun.  It makes no difference why you hire the casino; it can be for a birthday, wedding, business function or even a fundraising event.  Every event will be unique and bespoke only to you, providing you with an all-in inclusive casino package.  Watch with amazement as friends and family experience all of the pleasure of the game without risking any losses.  The focus is very much on relaxing, having a lot of enjoyment and spending time with guests whilst you all try your luck.

Vegas comes to you!

Imagine the kind of games that you would find in Vegas such as blackjack, poker and roulette and this is what you get, along with all the accessories.  And don’t think that the croupiers will just show you what to do and not get involved; they know how to make a function go with a bang and will do all possible to provide every single attendee with a long-lasting experience.

But what if you want to hire a casino table but don’t have space in your home?  If the weather is good, how about getting together with friends outside?  Because the casino tables used are easily portable, they can be set up on patios, lawns, under a canopy or even in a marquee.  All you need to do is send out the invites, organise food and drinks and let the professional croupiers make your event a fantastic one.

Entertainment with a difference

Nomadic Fun Casino Events are one such fun casino hire company.  Covering the whole of London and surrounding areas, if you are looking for entertainment with a difference, choose Nomadic Fun Casino.  By making it truly personal and tailored to suit your needs, you get all that you need including loads of fun money to gamble away to your heart’s delight – without losing a penny!

With a price and a package to suit everyone, you now have the chance to have all the gain without the pain whilst you wend away the hours competing against each other with fun money.  You can even add prizes if you want to up the pace and get the adrenalin flowing fast.

Check out Nomadic Events’ list of fun casino services here.  Get in touch and they will be only too happy to provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.

For all the fun of Vegas without the expense, you need Nomadic Events at your next party!

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