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The secret to growth in a small business

Nomadic is four this month.

Nomadic Fun Casino Hire is four years old this month. We had been hoping to have a party to celebrate with our loved ones, but our current climate means we will leave it till next year for our fifth anniversary.

Fun casino hire chips


Highs and lows

We have had many highs and lows over the years but most of all, we have learnt many lessons. I am trying not to get caught up in all the frenzy going on at the moment. We know deep down that in a time like this, everyone needs the ‘feel-good’ factor, and this is what we deliver. Our google review page convinces us that we are on the right track.

Secret of growth

They say the secret to growing most businesses is hard work. The problem here is that no one often tells you where or how you need to work hard! All the hard work means nothing if no one can find your product.

I am learning that to grow your small business; you have to learn to a certain level all aspects of your business. In other words, you need to have at least a basic understanding of how to produce, market, build and promote all areas of your product. If you’re fortunate, as we have been, you will have many friends that will be happy to advice and support you as you grow.

Most small businesses, cannot afford to hire independent people to do the work and generally, it’s not their responsibility. It’s essential to have a good understanding of what is going on in all areas of your business.

It’s equally important to look after the customers you have to the best of your ability. They are the ones who will say good things about your services and give you a good reputation. Our core principles are all about trust, transparency and treating everyone like royalty.

We are currently learning how to sell our zoom fun casino packages to corporate businesses, so it’s an exciting time. We started calling corporate firms last week, and thankfully, we are getting some decent feedback. Please feel free to check out our services at

We look forward to meeting you online or offline soon. Fellowship is always greater than the prize.



What do you do?

‘What do you do?’ asked our business coach. It’s probably the most common question in the UK. My normal answer would be ‘I run my own fun casino hire company’. There would a little curious look and the conversation would move on to the weather.

I generally miss this good opportunity to sell. For instance, I often talk about a casino table hire service because prices are based on the number of tables hired, but this is not the whole story. Anyone with a little knowledge of casino games and access to casino equipment can provide a table hire service.

We discussed this with our business coach and we managed to break it down. We looked at our USP (unique selling proposition) and our Google customer review page carefully and came up with the following description.

Nomadic Fun Casino Hire is a family entertainment company that creates fun engaging events by playing casino games.  Above all, this is consistent with the Nomadic Fun Casino Hire slogan, ‘Fellowship is always greater than the prize’.  This sounds much more professional than our earlier description and is an accurate assessment of what we do.

Thank you for taking a few minutes to read my blog. Please feel free to look at our website and check out the services we provide. We look forward to meeting you at one of our events soon.



Nomadic Fun casino’s customer journey.


Coaching during the lockdown

Recently, Nomadic Fun Casino Hire has been doing a lot of work with a business coach. He has been skilfully guiding us through the lockdown storm via weekly Zoom meetings.

He has been a coach, an encourager, a friend and a ‘sherpa’ (one of the Himalayan guides renowned for their skill in mountaineering). Above all, I believe he genuinely cares and that means a lot to me. I can honestly say he has been a great investment during the storm.

The focus has been on working through our customer journey and clearly defining how we expect to hold ourselves accountable going forward.


The journey always starts the moment a customer hears about us. This could be via one of the events we have attended, social media, our website or even word of mouth. We aim to be as transparent as possible.

We often read about how a salesman needs to learn how to close deals. I believe our product sells itself, you just have to experience it once.

It could be as simple as just having a chat about a potential event. We hope to give you our honest opinion and guidance. We also aim to be totally transparent about the service we will be providing for you.


Nomadic Fun Casino Hire is always aiming for a very high level of integrity and professionalism in a fun-filled environment. It has always been very high up on our list. It is certainly not good enough to be transparent if you do a bad job at a clients event. With transparency, integrity and professionalism come trust. The idea is to give our client one less thing to worry about once we have been hired.


Every client and every guest matters at our fun casino events. The fellowship means more to us than the prize. We aim to make everyone individually feel special. For this reason, all our staff are very hospitable, fun-loving and respectful. We want you to look forward to the next event even before you leave the building. We want you to feel like royalty! That sounds like a great boast but it is our policy.

Thank you for taking a few minutes to read our blog. I look forward to catching up with you soon.

Please feel free to send me an email at to see the services we provide or click on the link at Contact Us  


COVID 19: Finding peace in the storm

Working from home


We’re currently going through the ‘delay’ phase of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in London and we have all been instructed to stay at home. It effectively means that if you are not a key or essential worker, you need to stay in your house to reduce the chances of catching or spreading the virus.

Small business owners and self employment

The Government are currently doing everything to save the economy including promising to pay workers 80% of their expected wages while in isolation. There has been little said about self employed workers and small business owners in the emergency budget and this has raised a lot of panic in my little World. We expect some more information from the authorities this week.

Dealing with the current situation

The key question I’ve have been asking myself through all this is ‘What role should I be playing in all this?’. The first thing I am learning through all this is not to panic. We just have to be patient and see what is on offer.

I am currently honestly looking at my financial situation. If there is need, I will probably contact creditors to arrange payment plans. They won’t stop charging you if you don’t come to some type of agreement.

I am going to use this season to review my business plan and the areas where I have been focusing my energy. It’s also a good time to put all my invoices and documents in the right places. There are so many areas I can definitely improve on while we are in isolation.

It’s also the season to look at part time job opportunities during this odd season. There are currently quite a few online jobs out there at the moment. There’s no point letting pride get in the way, bills still need to be paid! It’s a good time to find out more.


I have woken up a few times wondering if this virus issue could last long enough to damage my business. It was during one of those scary moments something important hit me. My job is to find peace in the storm. My duty is to survive. There won’t be any business for me to attend to if I don’t look after my health. It’s also not in our best interest to worry about things out of our control.

The next morning, I decided to focus on eating well, exercising properly, reading and checking up on loved ones, especially the elderly. I realised that there is no point listening to conspiracy theories or feeding myself with information about how we are coming closer to doomsday. If it comes and there is no way of avoiding it, at least, let the day find me with hope rather than despair.

It will pass

We will get through this. I pray you won’t lose any loved ones during this scary season. We can handle anything to do with money but we certainly don’t want to lose any of our loved ones.

It will be a time of celebration when all this is over and we look forward to being a part of your special events. Please take a few minutes to browse through our website to see the services we provide. We look forward to catching up with you in good health. Stay well and keep fit.

Jimi Sotimehin


How to scale a small business

The beginning

Nomadic Fun Casino Hire started out as a one man band. I would hire one or two extra dealers, hire a van, deliver tables and entertain guests. After the event, I would put the equipment back into the van, drop them at home and return the van. Job done!

I have a feeling most small businesses start this way. People often hire from people they know and trust therefore it is necessary for most small business ventures to start with a face.

Scaling your business

Scaling your business is the process where your business has a life of it’s own. It becomes independent of you. It is the process of creating procedures that allow someone new to come in and run your business following a clear process.

If there is no difference between you and your business, it means you need to be at every event. People are hiring ‘you’ rather than your business. This naturally limits how much work you can do and it limits your growth. It also means your ability to learn is also often limited to your experience.

It also means you can’t take time off or afford to be ill. I’m sure most people become self employed so they can have more time for loved ones. You won’t have any time if you don’t learn to scale your business.

Focus on becoming teachable

I found out very quickly that we often have very limited skills when we start out. While I had strong people skills and could entertain well, I knew very little about refurbishing equipment, negotiating at a much higher level, taxes and VAT and even less about scaling my business.

Recently, I have hired a business coach to teach us how to run the business efficiently and we are focusing on building a strong team with people who can bring different skills to the table.

Read autobiographies

I read somewhere that the most successful entrepreneurs out there read a lot. You can learn so more from other peoples stories, you often don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

Ask for help

It’s good to sometimes admit that we don’t know it all and ask for help. You would be surprised to know how much help is out there if you are humble enough to seek advice from the right people.

Wisdom has to be exercised here as you can’t go rushing off to everyone for advice. This can easily expose you to people who will either mislead you innocently or take advantage of your naivety. Focus on looking for qualified mentors. They can save you so much time and many expensive mistakes.

Invest in your staff and business

They say if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. It’s absolutely true in business. If you’re not offering the right training and the right amount of money, you most likely won’t be able to keep the best members of your team. At the end of the day, they are trying to earn enough to make a living too.

Play hard, play to win

I established a few ground rules with my wife before I became self employed.  The first rule was that we would work like we had nothing to lose. We accepted that there will be many days of mistakes and learning but we would plough through anything. There was no way I was looking forward to a life of mediocrity and failure. We would have to crash and burn trying.

Thank you

Thank you for taking a few minutes to read my blog. I would love to read your comments. We’re all trying to learn. Please check out our services at to see the services we provide.

Copyright by Jimi Sotimehin. Not to be used without my permission






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