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Learn how to increase your capacity

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Increase your capacity

Learning how to increase your capacity has become our new focal point. It has moved from spending the last year learning how to be visible.

During the lockdown, the journey to create awareness intensified when we joined various networking groups. We spoke to different business owners, coaches, and everyone who took the time to have 1-2-1 sessions.

 The joy of speaking to other businesses and owners yielded good fruit.  As a result, it led to us learning new skills about branding, SEO, LinkedIn, social media visibility and growth in all areas.

Growing your Capacity

Nomadic Fun Casino Hire is now part of the front running pack! The important thing is to create a strategy to ensure that we meet our potential and exceed it. To stay ahead, we need to increase our capacity.

Capacity in business terms means the maximum amount that a business can contain or produce. Many factors influence this. We’ll look at a few in this blog.


Firstly, you need a growth mindset to go into new territory. Books are known to be helpful in this area. Also, speaking to coaches and other business owners is beneficial.

Secondly, how you store your information is crucial to growth. If you don’t keep accurate records, how can you keep track of everything going on?

In addition, it’s almost impossible to hire help such as taking phone calls or contacting clients. It’s the information you share with them that enables people to help you.

Thirdly and finally, find the right people who believe in your dreams to work with you. You can’t play every position in your company if you want to grow.

Keep reaching out while remembering that helpers are out there if you take the time to look for them. Learn how to trust your team, create incentives and give them the freedom to shine.


The most underestimated point in learning how to increase your capacity is to find time to rest and recharge. Also, to find the right balance in your everyday life.

Thank you for taking a few minutes to read our blog. It will be a pleasure to read your comments as we are all here to learn.


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2 comments on Learn how to increase your capacity

  1. Krzysztof says:

    Amazing article and a great company to work for. The things you learn while with Nomadic Fun Casino are life changing techniques that can be applied to other jobs or life in general. Keep up the good work Jimi and upwards it will go.

    1. Jimi Sotimehin says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words; I truly appreciate you. We are learning and trying to build a brand that will ensure the team will also benefit in every way from the Nomadic Fun Casino journey.

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