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Knowing when you’re actually running pretty good.

I sat there munching a free sandwich as a few players cashed out in a local casino. One player had won a lot of money and he was being celebrated around the casino. It was New Year’s Eve and there was a lot of laughter and glamour on the casino floor.

I wasn’t in the mood to celebrate, I preferred having a pity party. Casinos have their fair share of ‘misery loves company’ merchants and I was right in the middle of the bad beat corner sharing hard luck stories.

Eventually, I decided that it wouldn’t be a good idea to go into the New Year feeling so negative and decided to call my best friend (who is still my best friend many years later and is also now my wife) hoping she would want to meet up. She sounded excited to meet up so I left feeling much better. Just as I was picking up my coat, I noticed the big winner making his way back into the casino. He had his Sainsbury bags with baked beans, drinks and other food stuffs. He was leaving them in the cloak room. My first thoughts were wondering why he was going back to the casino when he should be out there celebrating with loved ones. His body language soon made me aware of the likely true story, he was going back in because there was no where else for him to go and feel wanted.

That night many years ago, I realised how blind we can be to our situation sometimes. I didn’t have much money but instead had people who showed me how much they love me everyday yet I was walking around with a dark cloud hovering over me like my name was Quasimodo. Suddenly I felt blessed. Anytime I remember this night, it is still a reminder of how we should treasure and prioritise relationships with loved ones over everything else.


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