Just Jimi

How to be relevant today.

‘How to be relevant today’ is probably the most common topic in recent event business meetings and webinars. The world has changed, and this is obvious in the way events companies are either evolving or disappearing. READ MORE

Learning about the difference between the facts and the narratives.

The reports from the media constantly bombard us with doom and gloom stories. There is the current narrative that the entertainment industry is dead. It got so crazy that an MP from London said people in this industry need to retrain themselves and look for other types of work. READ MORE

The importance of keeping records.

We have spent a lot of time putting the records of the Nomadic Fun Casino Hire business over the last four years into excel sheets. The only thing we currently haven’t got down to a ‘T’ right now is time spent doing admin work. I seriously doubt we can do this, but we can estimate and keep accurate records going forward. READ MORE

What do you do?

‘What do you do?’ asked our business coach. It’s probably the most common question in the UK. My normal answer would be ‘I run my own fun casino hire company’. There would a little curious look and the conversation would move on to the weather. READ MORE

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