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Life is a race run with dignity.

‘Life is a race run with dignity’

My action plan this week includes things I would rather not have to deal with. I’ll be confronting contractors fixing our home about how much more time is needed for work that should have been finished ages ago. I’ll also be talking to our electricity company about extremely ridiculous charges put on our account in our uninhabitable home. They must assume we run a saw mill! The truth is, I just don’t enjoy dealing with confrontation. READ MORE

The world we live in.

I casually mentioned to a friend as I took my seat after making my way back from the loo that someone should tell the staff to put the ‘wet floor’ sign on the lobby floor before someone got hurt. This was many years ago and we were waiting to take our seats in a low stakes Texas hold-em cash game. A few minutes later, there was a lot of commotion in the casino as we heard stories of how someone had slipped and hurt themselves in the lobby area. READ MORE

The Cautious Gambler.

The Cautious gambler

The cautious gambler was known in the gaming world as a nit, a rock, granite and extremely careful. Everything about him was neat. He looked and acted like an accountant. He made his own sandwiches from home and refused out of principle to pay for tea anywhere. The shocking aspect of his life was that he played poker for a living. He was decent and kept his records immaculately. READ MORE

It’s not meant to get easier, we’re supposed to get stronger.

I felt like throwing up as I watched this young pro take beat after beat playing high stakes online poker. Every miracle card his opponents needed flew straight in. He probably lost more money that day than I had earned in months. READ MORE

Fun casino hire in London (Our first Christmas)

We’ve just experienced our first Fun Casino hire in the London Christmas rush. I don’t think anything can truly prepare you for how hectic this period can be. It has been a good problem, we would rather have had this experience than a quiet Christmas. READ MORE

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