Just Jimi

Hospitality and sweet memories

We often read amazing stories about how someone gave up smoking after reading a book or how someone went from being a fat slob to becoming Mr Universe after attending a seminar. I am not one of those people. READ MORE

Journey with a smile

In poker, there is a term referred to as tilt. A good wise friend once defined ’tilt’ as trying to win money faster than the game allows you to. It often happens when a player is losing money and getting emotional. I guess the equivalent in a relationship would be getting dumped and then rushing into every opportunity for a new relationship searching for happiness. READ MORE

The risk factor

My first experience in a Casino was 23 years ago. My good friend took me there because he had discovered a ‘system’ on how to beat the roulette wheel. I was a student and had saved up enough money to buy a car, a BMW (my dream car). I didn’t have enough money to pay for the insurance and he had a ‘foolproof’ system that would make me my insurance money. READ MORE

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