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‘Jimi’s gone skint’ whispered the gregarious gentleman in seat five to the lady sitting in seat six. He whispered so loudly that you could have have heard him next door. I wasn’t deaf and I was sitting in the dealer’s chair right in front of him. ‘I can hear you’ I whispered back loudly with a smile and the whole table laughed. READ MORE

The price of breaking even.

I believed it ! I’m ashamed to admit it now but I actually believed for a long time that the odds of something happening increased if it hadn’t happened for a while. This is partially true because it has to eventually happen . Sometimes the price of breaking even is just too high. ‘A little knowledge is a dangerous thing’ is an English proverb from the 18th century that a small amount of knowledge can mislead people into thinking they are more expert than they really are. READ MORE

Staying in my lane2

I showed up at Ashton playing fields pretty sure that I would run under 70 seconds for my 400 metres challenge. The fact that I had not done any proper sprinting in more than 20 years didn’t cross my mind. There was also the little matter that I now weighed more than a stone since my last race. This also didn’t deter me from being confident. I jog regularly so I felt my muscles and legs would know what to do. READ MORE

Staying in my lane

All I had to do was stay in my own lane and mind my own business but NO, I managed to get involved. This poker player was telling the table about how he felt so proud that he had managed to run 400 metres in 85 seconds after training for a month. Trying to be funny, I asked if he had stopped for a sandwich on the way because 85 seconds should be way too much time for a healthy man to complete 400 metres. READ MORE

Practice a little courage even when you’re scared.

A few years ago, I realized something none of us likes to admit, I was scared of failing. It was so important to me not to be seen as a failure that I would rather do very little than risk putting all my effort into a project and failing. It didn’t help that I was surrounded by many who lived by the ‘only fools and horses work’ philosophy.

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