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It’s not meant to get easier, we’re supposed to get stronger.

I felt like throwing up as I watched this young pro take beat after beat playing high stakes online poker. Every miracle card his opponents needed flew straight in. He probably lost more money that day than I had earned in months.

He had invited me to his house and he was getting a session in. Eventually, he smiled at me and politely asked if I wouldn’t mind joining him for a run in the park. Personally, I would have wanted to crawl into a dark room and have a pity party. Not this kid, he was going for a run. Later on, he explained that the swings are just a part of the game and it was nothing unusual. His job was to stay strong and keep the right attitude so he could get better.
Looking back on this day years later, one lesson I can take from this and apply is that life is probably never going to get easier, we just find a way to cope better and grow stronger. His success came from weathering storms well. I would have tilted and lost all my money under the same circumstances.
As we try to build our Fun Casino Hire, we already accept that we will make some mistakes and there will be circumstances beyond our control, but we will do everything within our ability to be the best we can be.
This week, I am attending some marketing seminars. Hopefully, they will be fun ones but I already accept that these are things we need to do to get what we want.
It’s a new year and we are looking forward to the challenges ahead. It’s going to be interesting as most of last year was legwork.

Please take a look at our website https://www.nomadic-events.co.uk/contact . We are looking for ways to improve everyday by listening to your needs. It would be really nice to hear from you. A few people have sent me private messages telling me how they enjoy the stories. I truly appreciate this but would rather read your comments on here. We might just learn much more from each other


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