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How to keep a man happy ?

I noticed a headline on a women’s magazine the other day, it read ‘How to keep a man happy’. Out of curiosity, I opened up the page. It had all this advice on how to be patient, loving and helpful. Everything it mentioned ticked the right boxes. I noticed it didn’t pay attention to the fact that sometimes, you can do everything right and it can still go wrong. It also never mentioned that sometimes it could just be as simple as not giving your pearls to swine meaning ‘be careful who you give your affection to’. I’ve always felt the best advice is for each person is to find things in their own life that make them happy and that often extends into relationships.

Most experienced poker players will tell you that you can do everything right and still lose. It’s just the way things go sometimes. The theory is that if you keep doing the right things, everything should even out in the long run. The player who makes the least number of mistakes should eventually be the big winner.

The truth about life is that some losses or wins can be life changing. An extremely sensible investment gone bad can have totally devastating effects on the life of an individual. An earthquake, a famine, health issues, a sudden death in the family are examples of situations where you don’t need to do much wrong to get wiped out. Also, the consequences of winning and losing do not match equally. Winning half a million might make an individual happy for a few months but losing the same amount might just end up with the same person being depressed and living out of a cardboard box for years.

The key I find is how we respond or react to our wins or losses in life. I am taking a few minutes to respond to how things are developing with our Nomadic fun casino hire project. We are trying everyday to be thankful for little mercies, it’s a good time to learn from our experiences. Some days, we deal with enquiries all day and end up with no events. Sometimes, events just drop in with little effort. I am learning that this is just how the business is. Every event we manage and the joyful feedback we’ve been receiving makes it all worthwhile. We look forward to meeting you across the felt very soon. Until then, please stay well and stay fit. Please share your comments below. It’s always good to hear your thoughts.



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    Thank you very kindly. It’s always nice when we hear from you. Thank you 🙂

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