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How to be relevant today.

‘How to be relevant today’ is probably the most common topic in recent event business meetings and webinars. The world has changed, and this is obvious in the way events companies are either evolving or disappearing.

Social distancing is the new norm, and England is currently in its 2nd lockdown this year. This has caused many event companies to struggle financially as gigs have been cancelled or postponed indefinitely.

Zoom games

In this paragraph, I’ll explain how Nomadic Fun Casino is learning how to be relevant today. I honestly believe there is nothing like being able to see, smile and hug your loved ones. You can probably tell, I’m a bit of a hugger! What we are doing is the next best thing by transferring what we do in the real world online.

The Nomadic Fun Casino hire was always about using no-money fun casino games to entertain guests at live events. We have recently, due to circumstances, taken Nomadic Fun Casino online with a zoom version of our live events.

Firstly, we have friendly croupiers and equipment for the authentic visual experience.

Secondly, the aspect of never putting anyone on mute and treating everyone like royalty is how we do things. This way, we can freely interact with each other. It enables the feeling of being in the same room having fun.

Thirdly, and most importantly, we encourage people to dress for the occasion and chat with each other.

A wonderful businesswoman, Heather Barrie of Harrie’s coffee that I engaged with recently suggested adding the Swedish ‘Fika’ culture to the Nomadic experience. Fika means stopping for a few minutes to share a coffee with a friend or acquaintance. She has adapted this practice by sending packages to clients to share at their Zoom events and meetings. It sounds like my cup of coffee. She is definitely teaching us how to be relevant today.

Entertainment today

In conclusion, the world could do with a lot of laughter and joy right now, and it’s time to step up. Event companies need to be more creative and find new ways of connecting because people are struggling. If we can’t do this when there is an obvious need, we are missing something significant and not learning how to be relevant today.


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