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How processes can grow your hobby into a business

Hobby vs Business

Turn your learn how to turn your hobby into your business

How processes can grow your hobby into a business is one of the most important lessons I had to learn during the lockdown.

I’ve always seen life through the eyes of a gambler, the fun of beating the odds! It’s fun and random. You don’t have to prepare well; you take your chances and have fun. Of course, you might be talented or innately good at something, which sometimes encourages us to make it a hobby.

Hobbies create purpose and fun in our lives even when they are not profitable. However, if we decide to make it a business, it can become a source of frustration. The objective of starting a business is to make money from our talents.

To enable Nomadic Fun Casino Hire to grow from the hobby stage to the business stage, we had to remove the randomness. We needed a strategy that included processes. Therefore, it became essential to have functions that indicate what is happening.

Why do we need processes?

When we run a business, it helps to have a clear way of doing things. We need clear paths to find customers, respond to emails and take calls. It’s equally important to have a clear pattern of logging information; else, we can’t keep accurate records. Finally, events need a structure that employees and freelance croupiers can understand.

When we hire a business to provide a service, we want to be clear on what we will receive in exchange for our hard-earned money. However, if there are no processes in place, the service will often change, creating a reason for clients to feel unhappy.

During the lockdown, we started a virtual blackjack service. Initially, we didn’t have a transparent process during testing, and the experience was quite kamikaze. However, the moment we had the procedure in place,  we could send this to guests to prepare, plan, relax and enjoy. When people play games, they like to be clear on the rules; else, it might seem unfair.

It also makes it easy to hire and train staff. We sometimes expect people to know what they need to do when working with us.  Every brand has its way of doing things, and it is easier if processes are in place for new employees or freelance dealers to see.

How to put processes in your business

Nomadic Fun Casino Hire put processes in place through the help of our fantastic coach, Raymond Holt. Firstly, we established our core values and what we were trying to achieve. We also spoke to many potential clients to learn more about their needs and documented everything. As a result, we were able to clarify the type of client we needed and our employment needs.

Secondly, he put together an action plan that included writing a script on how to run events and how to accommodate feedback.

Thirdly, we spoke to a fantastic sales trainer Jeremy Ramsden who taught us more about how to reach clients and the best way to start a conversation.

Finally, the most important thing is that your processes don’t need to be elaborate or sophisticated; they need to work for you!


Thank you for taking a few minutes to read our blog. Next week, I’ll be sharing the lessons we learned about pricing. See you next Wednesday!



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