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How does a Fun Casino Hire company make money?

How does it work?

How does a fun casino make money?

It’s a legitimate question as many people are familiar with how casinos work and can’t understand how a fun casino can be profitable.

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It’s coming this way, I just know it 🙂

Guests don’t play to win or lose money against the house during a fun casino night. Instead, guests play for fun, entertainment, bonding, team building or prizes. The host (our client) hires professionals (hopefully us) and pays the fun casino to entertain guests.

The host picks preferred games and the length of the event. The currency is often fun money and chips. This helps to create the feel of gambling and winning or losing big without experiencing the darker side of gambling when it’s all over. At Nomadic Fun Casino Hire, we add trust, transparency and making people feel like royalty to the experience. I’ll explain how this differs from the casino experience in the next paragraph.

The difference between casinos and fun casinos

In a casino, people play games against the house (casino) with the odds slightly favouring the casino; therefore, more people lose than win. In other games such as poker, the casino takes a rake or an hourly charge from the games, which guarantees their income.

If you have visited some major gambling cities, such as Las Vegas or Atlantic City, you will find that casinos are experts at providing entertainment. It’s all about bringing people from everywhere to live in the moment and have an experience. Of course, this sometimes ends with a few guests winning, but people are there to enjoy the experience more often than not.

A fun casino is not structured for you to win or lose money to the casino; it’s about fun, team building and experience. It is sometimes used as a fundraiser, such as during a charity night.


Next week, we will talk about how to host a casino night at home.

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