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Hospitality and sweet memories

We often read amazing stories about how someone gave up smoking after reading a book or how someone went from being a fat slob to becoming Mr Universe after attending a seminar. I am not one of those people.

It probably took me twenty attempts to quit smoking and I still remind myself that I don’t smoke whenever anyone offers me one. You see, I am one of those people who learns by repetition. The good intentions are often present, it just takes a lot of hearing and practice to make it work.

Nothing makes people feel more welcome than being understood. I discovered working as a dealer and a manager in a card room and later as a freelance travelling poker dealer for many years how to receive clients on their own terms. It has taken many years of hearing and practice to make it become my natural way of doing things. To be honest, there are instances where I have believed my service could have been better. I decided many years ago to learn and grow from my experiences every day. We have been very careful to hand pick experienced croupiers and dealers who are hospitality minded and are naturally warm natured.

I love the James Brown lyric ‘I don’t know Karate but I know Karazy.’ We don’t know too much about balancing the books or squeezing the extra penny from our customers. The one thing we know well is hospitality and we’re not scared to show it. We are passionate about exceeding your expectations and we want the opportunity to create great memories for you.

We wish you well and hope to see you across the felt soon


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