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Experience they say is the best teacher. I believe it often depends on how much wisdom we apply to the knowledge gained from experience.
It often surprises me how often we repeat the same mistakes everyday. Sometimes, it happens out of habit, sometimes out of lack of adequate knowledge but mostly the mistakes come from the lack of openness to accept that our some of our choices give us a good chance of doing well or failing.

In my roulette playing days, we didn’t pay much attention to the odds. It was all about one croupier being lucky for us or not. The truth I now understand is that there was nothing to learn as long as this remained my focal point. As long as we kept playing, the odds of us winning were not very good.
These days, we are learning everyday about the Fun Casino Hire business. The other day, I almost died when I arrived at the venue of a recent function. There was no lift and three flights of stairs. It was a lesson in why it is necessary to have light equipment or invest in a crane.
I have been very fortunate to know so many experienced people who are willing to share information with us. Nick Van De Weyer, Anne Loughlin, Catherine Harrington, Simon Rush and Mark Briggs have been amazingly kind and I truly treasure the advice received from you. You are bringing wisdom into our daily experiences and helping us to grow quickly. Hopefully I can be in a position to help you also one day.
I’ll try to keep my blog going as we move into the festive season. It already looks like a busy period for us. For this I say a heartwarming thank you.

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