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COVID 19: Finding peace in the storm

Working from home


We’re currently going through the ‘delay’ phase of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in London and we have all been instructed to stay at home. It effectively means that if you are not a key or essential worker, you need to stay in your house to reduce the chances of catching or spreading the virus.

Small business owners and self employment

The Government are currently doing everything to save the economy including promising to pay workers 80% of their expected wages while in isolation. There has been little said about self employed workers and small business owners in the emergency budget and this has raised a lot of panic in my little World. We expect some more information from the authorities this week.

Dealing with the current situation

The key question I’ve have been asking myself through all this is ‘What role should I be playing in all this?’. The first thing I am learning through all this is not to panic. We just have to be patient and see what is on offer.

I am currently honestly looking at my financial situation. If there is need, I will probably contact creditors to arrange payment plans. They won’t stop charging you if you don’t come to some type of agreement.

I am going to use this season to review my business plan and the areas where I have been focusing my energy. It’s also a good time to put all my invoices and documents in the right places. There are so many areas I can definitely improve on while we are in isolation.

It’s also the season to look at part time job opportunities during this odd season. There are currently quite a few online jobs out there at the moment. There’s no point letting pride get in the way, bills still need to be paid! It’s a good time to find out more.


I have woken up a few times wondering if this virus issue could last long enough to damage my business. It was during one of those scary moments something important hit me. My job is to find peace in the storm. My duty is to survive. There won’t be any business for me to attend to if I don’t look after my health. It’s also not in our best interest to worry about things out of our control.

The next morning, I decided to focus on eating well, exercising properly, reading and checking up on loved ones, especially the elderly. I realised that there is no point listening to conspiracy theories or feeding myself with information about how we are coming closer to doomsday. If it comes and there is no way of avoiding it, at least, let the day find me with hope rather than despair.

It will pass

We will get through this. I pray you won’t lose any loved ones during this scary season. We can handle anything to do with money but we certainly don’t want to lose any of our loved ones.

It will be a time of celebration when all this is over and we look forward to being a part of your special events. Please take a few minutes to browse through our website to see the services we provide. We look forward to catching up with you in good health. Stay well and keep fit.

Jimi Sotimehin


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