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Considerations before you start hiring.


Considerations before you start hiring sound challenging. But, it’s actually a good problem because it means there is growth in your business. We recently had an event where we worked with some of the best professionals in the business (pictured), and it has helped us understand things we need to consider before hiring. READ MORE

Survive and thrive during an unstable time.

Surviving an unstable time

Learning how to make your business survive and thrive during an unstable time has been challenging for business owners. I know it caused me many sleepless nights at the beginning of the pandemic. So, I’m going to share the learnings from numerous business owners on surviving and thriving that has kept us going during the lockdown. READ MORE

How to overcome perfectionism in your small business.

how-to-avoid-perfectionism-in your-small-business

Set high standards rather than perfection


How to overcome perfectionism in your small business is not a blog I would have imagined writing a few years ago. We often come up with this image of an easy-going, laid-back character when we think of ourselves, but this truly never means that we can’t be perfectionists when we find our sweet spot. READ MORE

Finding fulfillment in your career

Concerns about career fulfilment

Finding fulfilment in your career is a big thing for most of us. We’re constantly trying to find our place globally, which often takes us down many paths. Therefore writing this after experiencing the St John Ambulance charity in Guernsey seems appropriate. READ MORE

Learning how to achieve business success

I am back!

My focus lately has been learning how to achieve business success. I’ve had a few emails asking me why I stopped writing my blog. As a result, I’ll use this opportunity to thank you for following my blog and reaching out to make sure I’m ok. READ MORE

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