Just Jimi

Knowing when you’re actually running pretty good

I sat there munching a free sandwich as a few players cashed out in a local casino. One player had won a lot of money and he was being celebrated around the casino. It was New Year’s Eve and there was a lot of laughter and glamour on the casino floor. READ MORE

Odds and balance

When the lottery commercial said ‘It could be you !’, all I heard was, ‘it will be me !’. This was in 1994 when the National lottery was the new dream in London. I would religiously buy my ticket(s) and station myself in front of the TV at five minutes to eight every Saturday evening.  I didn’t want to miss any second of them calling out my numbers, I wanted the full experience. We created syndicates, allocated money in advance if a holiday was due and dreamt about winning all the time. READ MORE

My little black book

Corporate Casino Hire London

Poker used to have many colourful characters. This was before the Internet boom when the game didn’t really appeal to the geeky extremely smart young people who dominate the game today. One of such characters was a man who was believed to be a card game hustler in Leeds. His speciality was a card game called Kalooki READ MORE

Hospitality and sweet memories

We often read amazing stories about how someone gave up smoking after reading a book or how someone went from being a fat slob to becoming Mr Universe after attending a seminar. I am not one of those people. READ MORE

Journey with a smile

In poker, there is a term referred to as tilt. A good wise friend once defined ’tilt’ as trying to win money faster than the game allows you to. It often happens when a player is losing money and getting emotional. I guess the equivalent in a relationship would be getting dumped and then rushing into every opportunity for a new relationship searching for happiness. READ MORE

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